As Recommended by Dr. John Kraemer

Director of Environmental Science Program / Professor / Director, Center for Environmental Analysis CEO, Institute for Environmental Health Assessment & Patient Centered Outcomes, at Southeast Missouri State University.

Dr. John Kraemer endorses Stephen Fontaine and his expertise in indoor air quality management and policy development. Dr. Kraemer conducts extensive testing on stand-alone air purifiers with HEPA-13 filters and found them highly effective in removing airborne pathogens and allergens in the classroom, in-home environments, and transportation-related situations.

He commends Fontaine for his thorough knowledge of stand-alone HEPA-13 filtered air purifiers and his development of reliable solutions to difficult IAQ challenges. Dr. Kraemer appreciates and values the positive leadership of Fontaine’s work on improving air quality for individuals with respiratory conditions such as asthma. Kraemer’s endorsement and recommendation of Fontaine’s indoor air quality advice illustrates the level of understanding Fontaine has exhibited of the CDC and EPA guidance for indoor air quality programs in schools and other densely populated buildings.