Satisfaction comes from knowing that you've taken the right steps to ensure a healthy and safe environment for students, teachers, and faculty.

- Sara F.

School Reopening program manager

Consulting an indoor air quality expert like Stephen Fontaine can provide invaluable guidance on using HEPA 13 filters to maintain clean air in classrooms.

- Superintendent Miller

The satisfaction of knowing that you've invested in the well-being of your school community through effective air purification is immeasurable.

- Amanda C.

School Nurse

Seeking advice from experts like Stephen Fontaine ensures that your efforts to combat absenteeism are backed by professional knowledge and experience.

- Raffia Braun

Facilities Dir. St Barnabas High

Satisfaction stems from making informed decisions, especially when it comes to the health and safety of those in educational settings.

- Dr. Mansfield

Working with professionals like IAQ Solutions can bring peace of mind and satisfaction in knowing that you're employing the best air quality solutions for classrooms.

- Maria C.

Esser 3 Program manager

A satisfied community is one that feels confident in the measures taken to provide clean air, thanks to expert advice on HEPA 13 filters and standalone air purifiers.

- D. Esperanza

EANS Director

Consulting with an indoor air quality expert ensures that your investment in air purifiers is tailored to the specific needs of classrooms, maximizing satisfaction, Steve is my favorite expert.

- Mary S.

Assistant Principal

The satisfaction of a healthy learning environment is amplified when backed by the expertise of professionals like Stephen Fontaine in indoor air quality.

- C. James Resile

HVAC & Facilities

Satisfaction is found in knowing that you've prioritized the well-being of students, teachers, and faculty through the implementation of effective air purification solutions recommended by IAQ Solutions.

- Sprano. B.